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But did you know you could use a crock-pot for more than just pork roast? It’s true. Crock-pots are slowly becoming a forgotten tool in cooking. I love using my crock-pot because I can throw almost anything in it, leave for awhile and it comes out tasting like my own personal slice of heaven.

Before you run straight for the toaster and throw all of your favorite foods in there, I will explain what a it’s used for and why you should start using one too.

Crock-pots are used for simmering, which means cooking in a temperature under boil, for many hours. I know you probably think I’m mad for recommending you to use something which takes forever to create. But there are many advantages for using a crock-pot.

First, the cost of cooking with a slow cooker is very low. They can cost anywhere around $30-$100 and will last years compared to toaster overs and broilers.

Crock-pots are one of the easiest ways to cook. All you should do it simply layer your meals in, leave it and continue with your day until its ready to eat.

Clean up is easy as well. You can purchase liners for the slow cooker which keeps the clutter inside that bag for a very cheap price. After your done eating place your leftovers (if any) from the refrigerator, throw away the liner and voilà, all clean!

Using a crock-pot doesn’t just save you money, but time as well! Most meals require you to monitor the food until it is complete. Using a this superb invention enables you to cook while watching TV, at work or even in the movies.

And my final reason is, its almost impossible to mess up! Since they cook at these low temperatures, it is virtually impossible to burn food even if left too long.

Slow cookers are not meant for every meal usage. In case you’ve got the time and patience for waiting, I highly recommend you use the crock-pot since there is nothing better than homemade soup.¬†Squirrel Poop can be a major inconvenience.

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